How to take care of the eye contour

29 03 2017 | mesoestetic
contorno de ojos mesoestetic

The skin around the eyes is the most fragile on the face. It is extremely thin – just 0.5 mm thick – which is what makes it so fine and delicate. Because it has few sebaceous glands, it is also an especially dry area which is highly prone to dryness. With few collagen and elastin fibres, this skin lacks firmness and tends to sag.

The appearance of the eye contour area is affected by numerous causes. These include facial expressions, although tiredness, stress, inadequate sleep and age also play a part. Other factors such as diet, alcohol, smoking and excessive exposure to the sun are other factors. All these can cause dark circles, under-eye puffiness and wrinkles to appear.

The eye contour area should be treated with specific products that boost moisture levels, stimulate microflow, trigger cell activity, improve flexibility and reduce sagging. It is important to apply these treatments using gentle patting movements and that you do not to rub or drag this sensitive skin.

Depending on your individual issues, mesoestetic recommends the following specific treatments:

- If you tend to suffer from dark circles, we suggest you apply energy C eye contour, morning and night. It sweeps away the signs of tiredness and its plant-based ingredients have a lifting effect, stimulate collagen synthesis and rebuild the elastin fibres.

- The most suitable treatment for under-eye puffiness is radiance DNA eye contour, also applied morning and night. It has a long-lasting lifting and firming effect and also revitalises, drains and triggers microflow in the area.

- If you are worried about dull skin in the eye contour area, we advise you apply collagen 360º eye contour both morning and night. It contains firming ingredients which smooth the eye contour area as well as exclusive pigments that disguise dark circles and hide any signs of fatigue.

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