What do you know about cellulite?

22 03 2017 | mesoestetic
mesoestetic cellulite

Sometimes the information about cellulite that you hear is not right. In this post we will clarify to you if the affirmations about this aesthetic problem are true or false:

- Overweight people have more cellulite: False. Cellulite is more closely related to hormones, exercise and physical activity.

- Orange peel skin disappears with weight loss: False. Cellulite is located in the upper level of the skin which is why fatty tissue and volume are reduced but cellulite does not disappear.

- Smoking brings on cellulite: True. Smoking triggers alterations to the body’s microcirculation. In other words, it reduces the amount of blood that reaches the periphery of the body and blocks tissue oxygenation.

- Manual massages prevent and combat localised fat and fluid retention: True. A manual lymphatic drainage massage performed by a specialist helps eliminate fluids through urine and can be more effective than most treatments.

- Running is an excellent way to combat cellulite: False. Collision sports, such as running, are not the most effective against cellulite. Pilates and spinning sessions are recommended.

- Salt and sugar cause cellulite: True. Salt causes fluid retention and sugar hardens collagen to such an extent tha skin loses its elasticity.

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